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Day 8    by train from Nanu Oya to Badulla - Ella

Fascinated and tired - we slept after climbing Adam's Peak at night most of the trip to Nanu Oya. But then the train to Badulla let us be wide awake again. By car we drove to our accommodation "Mount Heaven" on the outskirts of Ella.

Train Station Nanu Oya

At the station of Nanu Oya we bought the tickets. While we waited for our train, we watch the action. Interestingly - after the train left the station, the tracks were to footpaths. Crowds of children in their school uniforms were so on the last few meters (or kilometers) of their way home.

By Train from Nanu Oya to Badulla

Train ride to Sri Lanka - an experience which we do not want to miss. For us, overcharged safety standards Central Europeans, the train ride was a little adventure. Here protects only common sense against accidents. And whosoever shall fall with the door open at full speed also is your own fault - refreshingly simple! But now the train ride itself. Our train a drove. Quick, we secured seats and shortly afterwards it was finally happening. After a short time I was with the camcorder and camera on the door and filmed and photographed all they were worth. The train bumping along with a maximum of 50km / h through the not-so-new track bed and the fantastic scenery of the highlands of Sri Lanka scurried past us.